Our company:

IMR srl is a leader in the installation, maintenance and repair of escalators, established in 2007 by the partners Franco Maggi and Luciano Pratesi, both with a longstanding experience in this sector.

We operate throughout Italy and internationally, thanks to the commitment and determination of our team of 31 employees, including the founding partners Mr. Franco Maggi and Mr. Luciano Pratesi, 21 qualified and skilled workers and 2 clerical staff, Ms. Sabrina Costantini and Ms. Chiara Salvi, always striving to put our clients’ interests first.

We provide our services to airports, metro and railway stations, shopping centres, operating around the clock and throughout the year.

Check out our company portfolio to view the key projects we have worked on since 2007.

The sole director
Damaschina Tatiana

Our services

Installation and maintenance of escalators and moving walks.

Installation and maintenance

of escalators and moving walks. Maximum safety, from small shopping centers to the busiest transit nodes.

Team with international experience

di esperti installatori e manutentori. Un team di oltre 25 addetti preparati e qualificati.